demo at CES 2015 shows future of LTE Direct and LTE Direct at CES 2015 at Qualcomm booth demoing LTE Direct at CES 2015 Las Vegas

Every year, people fly from all over the world to the Consumer Electronics Show hosted in Las Vegas to get a firsthand glimpse of new technology and consumer electronics. Fortunately for us here at, we had an amazing time in the desert, one that some would say happens once in a lifetime.

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Creativity Is Intelligence Having Fun – We Are Always Hiring

We all have had those serendipitous moments; the fortunate happenstance of running into a long-time friend, the pleasant image that your pals where sharing from last night’s event or the lucky discovery of a nearby DJ set playing that you would have hated to miss at your next SXSW. Well, that’s what we’re working on. Come in and have a look:

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7 Tools To Innovate UX Design. And Chalkboards, Pens & Paper

After posting this chalkboard picture on Facebook/, Alex and I were asked by an applicant about working on a chalkboard and if chalkdust isn’t destroying keyboards or Wacom screens – instead of using UX and wireframing tools like UXPin, Photoshop or Sketch.
Sure, demoing digital skills is great but after chatting about the pros and cons of working analog, I just realized that the traditional way of sketching wireframes and the UX is about to become outdated. In my opinion, it’s fatal to underestimate this way of sketching! Here are our top seven ways of creating great user journeys (and why we love chalk):

1. A Chalkboard Helps You To Focus And To Team-Work


Why we love a chalkboard: First it’s the fastest way of outlining a user journey together with the team. Second, you’re focussed (and not disrupted by incoming Facebook chats or e-mails). For me, sketching is probably not the most beautiful but easiest way to get ideas out of my head to start exploring them visually. The chalkboard also helps your team to join you, kill one or two connection lines between interfaces and re-schedule user paths.
Another very underestimated effect is the vertical work on a wall which every co-worker can see and contribute to.
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The team at is looking for a special group of students to join us in Brooklyn/Williamsburg during the summer of 2014. We’re looking for people who want to help us creating a digital eco system, specifically content managers, business development students and students of the arts who love digging into problems and working on solutions.

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Since we started in the beginning of 2012, we’re reviewing all our start-up adventures, developments and even our mental health on a regular basis. This time we thought it’s helpful for others who are planning to run the same path as we did. We’d love to share some insights collected in “6 lessons” with you every first Friday of the month.

Co-Founders Steve & Alex

Steve Nitzschner (CXO and Co-Founder) and Alexander Bierling (CEO and Co-Founder of

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Well, we do some things different here in Brooklyn. Especially when it comes to an understanding of “team” and “performance”. We see ourselves at more like a corporate sports team rather than a nice cozy family. Therefore we simply outlined seven of our core pillars which every intern can request and rely on upon arrival. Consider these “seven pillars” as a become a rockstar-intern!

How to become a Rockstar Intern

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