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Vinyl albums at the headquarters in Brooklyn, NYC.

Vinyl albums at the headquarters in Brooklyn, NYC.

Music is at the core of From Spotify playlists to vinyl records in our office, we breathe music just as we drink coffee all day. Moreover, we’re fans of interactive music videos especially for the fact that they complement what the music says, and even lets you be part of it (even physically).

Taylor Swift and American Express collaboration for 'Blank Space' interactive video

Taylor Swift and American Express collaboration for ‘Blank Space’ interactive video

The advent of interactive music videos has helped increase fan engagement at multiple levels and across several media channels. For example, the recent collaboration between American Express and Taylor Swift engages the user with an immersive technological experience through a mobile app. The video showcases an opulent mansion where fans can feel as if they were part of a day in Taylor’s life while listening to her single, “Blank Space”. Another great example is the recently launched Replace The Face. Spektor, a Netherlands creative agency partnered up with Australian pop band Lowlakes to create this evocative artwork. The web-based interactive music video challenges people’s notion of depression by experiencing the video with other users across the internet in real time.

The Wilderness Downtown Interactive Music Video and GPS technology

The Wilderness Downtown Interactive Music Video and GPS technology

One of the first interactive music videos that made it mainstream and involved GPS technology was Chris Milk’s The Wilderness Downtown, featuring Arcade Fire‘s hit song “We used to wait”. The HTML5 video uses some of Google Chrome’s web development tools including choreographed windows, interactive flocking, custom-rendered maps, real-time compositing, procedural drawing, and 3D canvas rendering.

Although the use of proximity-based technology such as LTE Direct hasn’t been used for creative media or entertainment yet, we believe this type of user and fan engagement can open up a whole new market for mobile based interactive videos and discovery. At, we’re committed to building a product that solves the problem of irrelevant content by providing true value to the user through proximity-based technology (Read about our demo at CES 2015). The next generation of creative media and interactive videos will definitely continue to make use of existing and new technologies, such as LTE Direct.

We’re always open to new music and cool videos, so feel free to share a good tune! For now, be part of something amazing with Apply for beta!

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