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It ever was and ever will be the team’s goal to crack the code how the things that matter can be discovered, kept and shared with those who matter to us- with the help of technology. We find successful solutions that are then implemented in the real world and finally in the eco system. We co-operate with researchers, tech labs, designers and other curious people. If YOU are one of them, don’t hesitate to request an access.

What you’ll find here:

· ideas about proximity discovery tools, i.e: LTE Direct
· early prototypes
· tests and analytics of latest hard- and software
· sharing of know-how and knowledge around new unreleased technologies
· documentations

We grant access to:

· independent freelancers or early/mid-size start-ups who are willing to share know how
· developers (iOS and Android)
· UI/GUI designers
· User experience specialists

Send us an e-mail and refer to the above: Alex (at)

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