Creativity Is Intelligence Having Fun – We Are Always Hiring

We all have had those serendipitous moments; the fortunate happenstance of running into a long-time friend, the pleasant image that your pals where sharing from last night’s event or the lucky discovery of a nearby DJ set playing that you would have hated to miss at your next SXSW. Well, that’s what we’re working on. Come in and have a look:

For those who are not familiar with’s Beta and mission: is NOT just an app. It’s a blooming digital eco system (in Beta) of two years old. We aim to let people keep, share and discover relevant stories in their proximity – with the help of mobile technology that is not disturbing, irrelevant or invade someone’s privacy. The stories on (Beta users will know) will inspire or even help you to see through someone’s eyes.

The team is based in Brooklyn/Williamsburg. We’re working with creative people, UX and UI designers, high fidelity editors, out-of-the-box thinkers and smart mobile developers here and in Europe. Whether it’s iOS, Android, Windows Phone or .Net – we speak many languages, live in the clouds and the stuff we’re working on is sometimes so new that you might have not heard about it. Therefore we’re partnering with mobile operators, handset manufacturers or even leading network or component vendors.

Our goal is to build a fundamental consumer technology that lasts forever, solves real life’s and consumer’s problems and, at the same time, enables other developers’ applications to unleash new opportunities.

We’re looking for (full-time, part-time, intern):

  • Android developer (starting 2015)
  • iOS developer
  • User interface and user experience designer
  • Community and Social Media manager
  • Project manager (digital)

If you love to be part of an agile team, contribute your ideas, creativity and know-how and succeed on new and bleeding edge technologies, you’re very much welcome to join us! Drop us a line: alex (at) or come by to visit us for a coffee.


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