@ NY Tech Day 2015: Silicon Alley’s largest startup science fair

Alex Bierling, CEO & Co-founder of at NY Tech Day

Alex Bierling, CEO & Co-founder of at NY Tech Day

The first time at everything is always challenging to navigate. As Tania Luna highlights in her new book: Embrace the unpredictable and engineer the unexpected. Last Thursday, April 23rd, was’s first time at New York Tech Day, denominated as NY’s largest startup science fair. It was an amazing experience especially because of the vibrant entrepreneurial culture Silicon Alley is living at this point in time. Here’s a recap of our experience and highlights. at booth 440 - Pier 92 at booth 440 – Pier 92

The gigantic Pier 92 in Manhattan was housing the fourth version of NY Tech Day. Over 400 startups and more than 10,000 attendees roamed through the extensive halls, with the chance to experience what is now denominated New York’s largest startup science fair. From renowned companies all the way to early stage startups, everyone was offering innovative products and services, as well as creative ways to attract potential users and new customers. CEO, Alex Bierling with the press @ NYTD CEO, Alex Bierling with the press @ NYTD

In our own way, we found that NY Tech Day is a must for every early stage NY-based startup. From our experience at MWC and CES, we can say that the NY Tech Day is on its way to a full-blown festival that could potential serve as the next-gen SXSW from the northeast. We acquired new users and got a sense of how our features were ringing the bells of random people. Something they all related to were our Made in Brooklyn t-shirt created by our awesome designers. Overall, we achieved our goals, and are definitely looking forward to next year’s NY Tech Day.

For now, feel free to share your own experience at NY Tech Day and join our beta!


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