Mobile Innovation and Seamless Efficiency with CEO Alex Bierling showcasing at MWC Barcelona CEO Alex Bierling showcasing at MWC Barcelona

It’s a great opportunity to take part in one of the greatest mobile conferences in the world, Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, not only because of the actual experience, but because of the fast-paced environment you’re immersed in, meeting new people, and getting real-time feedback on your product. It is also an opportunity to be exposed to some of the greatest innovations in the mobile realm which helps you think objectively about your product and be able to iterate. Fast.

Some of the most outstanding innovations are the ones that offer some of the most basic and simple features but which are delivered in an elegant way, with the user experience first in mind. Arguably, users are now focusing on just using a set of apps that heighten productivity and are spot-on efficient. It’s more about what users do with the apps, rather than just having as many apps as your device can fit. We spoke about connectivity in our latest blog post, and undoubtedly, this year’s MWC is all about that.
Invision App for Prototyping

Invision App for Prototyping

Take Forge for example. A simple but very efficient sketching iPad app that has limited features but is receiving some of the best reviews in the sketching space. And the best feature of all, is that you can collaborate on the sketch you are working on. The advantage of being able to co-create and collaborate on an efficient app is all what illustrators want and need. Another example can be Invision app, the protoyping tool. Designers across some of the most renowned creative studios and agencies are using it. The app focuses on screen uploading from Illustrator, Photoshop, and Sketch, among others, and its straight forward collaboration interface allows to make comments on each screen and have a log on recent changes.

Taking this into account, the mobile industry is definitely moving towards fostering the creation of applications that connect seamlessly with collaborators and users while offering simple yet robust features. Here at Compass.To, our designers and developers sleep and dream user experience. Our focus is to deliver a direct benefit to the user on just 2-3 clicks, because it shouldn’t be more. Now, with the rest of the week ahead, we want to know more about what other apps and mobile technologies are offering to achieve these objectives.

Join our conversation on mobile innovation and the next generation of connected devices via Twitter. By the way, if you happen to be in Barcelona, stop by the Qualcomm booth and check out the cool stuff we’re building with LTE Direct.

To elegant efficiency.

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