at MWC 2015 – Moving Mobile Forward, Facebook, and more innovative companies at MWC 2015, Facebook, and more innovative companies at MWC 2015

As MWC 2015 in Barcelona moves along, the big fish companies have launched their new tablets, smartphones, latest mobile trends, and innovative technologies.’s CEO, Alex Bierling, discussed with engineering director at Facebook Connectivity Lab, Yael Maguire, about our technology and the potential use of our application. Truly exciting. CEO Alex Bierling discussing mobile connectivity with Facebook's Yael Maguire CEO Alex Bierling discussing mobile connectivity with Facebook’s Yael Maguire, an ambitious plan to connect the two thirds of the world that does not have access to the internet, is one of the most fascinating things happening not only at MWC, but throughout all of 2015. This service, which is inherently dependent on the carriers who provide the appropriate infrastructure for internet connections in the countries where it is already implemented, has opened up the discussion about converting users who have free access to the internet into paying customers that want and need more data. The question that rises is how will millions of users around the world, who now have free access to the internet, gain real advantage by using the internet and connect with each other through their smartphones. Well, the answer has different vantage points, but from where we see it, is a key player in this mobile connectivity realm. has been determined to create a product that delivers true value in real time to their customers based on proximity technologies. In relation to’s mission, we also want to provide a way for users to connect with each other, cutting out all the noise and irrelevant content that is out there. and LTE Direct at the Qualcomm Booth in MWC 2015 and LTE Direct at the Qualcomm Booth in MWC 2015


Currently, the app can be downloaded to Android devices and used in 6 countries where the service has been launched including Colombia, Ghana, Tanzania, Kenya, India and Zambia, with more coming this year. This also has a direct association with and LTE Direct and the features we are providing. A user case scenario could be when users who have downloaded the app, they could also download, allowing them to explore their cities, the places where they meet with friends, and in the case of a business conference or festival, joining and connecting directly with other like-minded folks.

We are looking forward to more creative and interesting encounters such as the one we had with Yael, where we can implement further our product and start thinking of the potential impact it will have around the world thanks to innovations such as Join our conversation and the most recent updates happening in Barcelona and future showcases. Visit us at

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